H-Genie - The compact hydrogen generator for chemistry

At ThalesNano Energy our main goals are to improve safety in the laboratory and to expand scientists' chemistry capabilities. Our first product, the H-Genie™, is a compact hydrogen generator that utilizes patented pressure cell technology to produce hydrogen from water at pressures up to 100 bar (14.5–1450 psi) at flow rates up to 1 NL/min. The system is designed to be used in any laboratory as a safer and simpler replacement for hydrogen cylinders and to enable you to tackle even the most difficult hydrogenations.

The H-GenieTM

High Pressure H2 Generator

No cylinders, no problem

  • Intelligent: Patented high-pressure cell technology
  • Unique: 100 bar capable for difficult chemistry
  • Safe: Water is the hydrogen source and multiple safety features
  • Powerful: One small box can provide an entire lab's hydrogen
  • Versatile: Run multiple systems off one Genie at varying flow rates.
  • Simple: Learn to use in 5 mins


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